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Career at KTP

From trainee to sales specialist

"I really enjoy getting customers excited about our products and working with them to find solutions to their logistics problems. And of course, it makes me a little proud when I see how our product really helps the customer. "

Katharina Schillo, Sales Department

Katharina Schillo started her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at KTP in 2016. Boring office life? That’s a foreign word to Katharina. In the course of her training, she was able to get a taste of almost all departments and see how things go, for example, in marketing, accounting or order processing. While it was interesting to see how the processes in the company work from A to Z, it quickly became clear to Katharina that she was at home in sales department.

Katharina presents the EuroStack128 video

"The direct contact with customers is what makes working in sales so interesting for me. It is incredibly exciting when you get an insight into the production processes of other companies. I'm always amazed at how many items in our everyday lives are made of components that have been transported in a KTP container. "

Sales is an incredibly diverse department where you are constantly presented with new challenges. “During my training I learned how to approach the customer. When you work on projects together with the customer from the first enquiry to the finished end product, the contact does not just consist of dry business discussions. You build a customer relationship that can lead to a long-term business partnership. When you work in sales, you just have to be on fire for the product. The rest will almost come naturally.”

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