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Career at KTP

Passion for plastics

“If you’re studying materials science and materials engineering, steel is probably the obvious choice in Saarland, but my fascination was already clearly with the material plastics during my studies.”

Sven Ewen (M.Sc. Werkstofftechnik), Qualitätssicherung

In 2015, Sven Ewen successfully completed his studies in materials science and engineering at Saarland University. In addition to metals, ceramics and glass, plastics are also closely examined. It was precisely those that had Sven under their spell. With KTP Kunststoff Palettentechnik GmbH he has found a plastics specialist right on his doorstep and has now been working in quality assurance for over 5 years.

"I love the variety of my job! There's no monotonous sitting around at the computer, I'm on the move a lot. The constant interaction with different departments and process steps means you never get bored and are always challenged."

From product development, to incoming and outgoing goods control, to process optimization – his expertise is in demand along the entire value chain. He also likes to share this with his colleagues. “Since we don’t just use the plastic at KTP, but actually process it, there are a thousand adjusting screws that you can turn on until you have the perfect final product. Factors such as the correct material composition, the setting of the machines, the manual work of the employees and also the process planning play an important role. A deep understanding of our material is beneficial to see the big picture and find out what can be improved. But not only improvement, but also new developments that can simplify the logistics of our customers – that’s what drives me.”

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