KTP has made a name for itself in the field of container standardisation. But some goods must be transported with special care or under certain conditions. Specialised containers are no problem for us – on the contrary: our KTP containers can be adapted exactly to your needs by a variety of options.

Our packaging specialists create the packaging concept tailored to your requirements together with you. Benefit from our years of experience in the logistics industry and our in-house expertise in design, production and consulting.

Curious? Here you will find information about a current special container for the transport of hanging parts.

Based on our System 2000 we have developed a special Duo container. Thanks to the well thought-out construction with removable front panel and the metal suspension device, it is possible to transport a maximum of packing parts safe and protected. The Duo return collar additionally secures the “all-in-one” return transport of the containers including the inside packaging.

Innenverpackung, Kunststoffbehälter, Transportbehälter, Lagerbehälter, Transportbehälter
Beispiel Sitzbezüge hängend transportieren

Hanging transport of car seat covers

Example: up to 40 seat covers can be stored hanging.

Einhängbarer Deckel

Hook-on lid

The opened lid can be hooked onto the ring.

  • Saving of space at the place of use
  • Extra ergonomics and easy handling
Detail Aufhängung

Stable suspender

Precisely fitting metal construction for hanging the parts.

Abnehmbare Frontplatte

Removable front panel

Unlimited access to the interior of the container.

  • Easy removal of voluminous packaged goods
  • Ergonomic handling
Duo Sandwich mit Innenverpackung

Sandwich structure

Sleeve and metal suspender are safely stored thanks to the Duo return collar.

  • No loss of individual container parts
  • Full and empty containers are always complete
Sichere Duo Leerguteinheit

Secure empty unit

Thanks to the Duo return collar permanently attached to the pallet, the lid lies on top where it cannot slip.

  • Protection of the inner sleeve including inner packaging
  • Safe and stable stacking

Product Benefits

  • The packaged goods are transported in a hanging position to avoid creases and dents
  • Comfortable handling thanks to removable front panel; hence maximum access for removing packaged goods
  • Individual packaging of each item can be dispensed through suspension
  • Container including inner packaging folds to reduce volume for optimised transport of empties

Container Options

  • Removable front panel on the long or short side
  • Adapted metal suspender
  • TurnLock locking system instead of Velcro
  • Variable heights for sleeve and return collar
  • Additional options on enquiry

Further solutions for the hanging transport of, for example textiles, carpets and car parts have already been developed by KTP and are successfully in use today.

Alternative container dimensions and adaptations are also possible. We will be glad to support you with your project and find the perfect solution to your requirements together with you.

Just contact us!

Sonderbehälter Hängender Transport Faltreihenfolge