KTP – Winner of the Saarland State Prize for Design 2021 - KTP Kunststoff Palettentechnik GmbH

Saarland State Prize for Design 2021

KTP receives award for its EuroStack 128 container


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… that’s how you feel when you receive the Saarland State Prize for Design. On November 18th we were honored with this award for our KTP EuroStack 128 SmartFix®.

We are very pleased that the jury appreciates the “form follows function” aspect accordingly. Functional, sustainable design with real added value – definitely not a “normal” transport container.

Such an achievement, however, can only be achieved in a network, as a team. Starting with construction, through to production, sales and service – every single person in the company contributes to the success of such a project. We are proud of that!

Thank you very much for organizing this great event, the interesting discussions with other award winners and the entire KTP team!


“Why should a transport container, on which we usually do not have any special design requirements, be awarded the State Prize for Design?

The EuroStack 128 transport container looks like a “normal” transport container at first glance, but on closer inspection it shows its great qualities. In order to achieve a similar transport volume, the standard Euro pallet needs a wooden frame that can be attached and an additional lid. The EuroStack 128 combines these different functions in a container that is based on the basic dimensions of the Euro pallet, in which the foldable side walls and the lid are flexibly but firmly connected to one another. The container is quickly unfolded and when not in use it can be stored in a space-saving manner. In addition, the Eurostack is made from high-quality recycled material and can be 100% recycled again after its product life.

The EuroStack 128 sets a good example in today’s design landscape. It says and shows us what it can do – it is a transport container that is very well designed according to the material, shows with its differentiations and external signs what it can do and also shows how sustainability can be implemented in design. The jury awards the “KTP EuroStack 128″ the Saarland State Prize for Design 2021. ”

Prizegiving Ceremony of the Saarland State Prize for Design 2021 (f.l. Helmut Lange, Katharina Schillo, Marcus Wohlfahrt, Andreas Wintrich and Anke Rehlinger) Photo: Oliver Dietze

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