One family

Based in the middle of the „Saarland” our containers are manufactured by a family owned company. Meanwhile the second generation leads the constant growth – together with more than 220 employees we work as one to constantly improve our products. Our vision is to provide the highest quality foldable and ergonomic container to an exigent market. And on top we want to contribute to “green logistics”!


KTP is a leading manufacturer of large foldable plastic container systems. Headquartered in Bous/Germany we also operate a sales office in Taicang / China. From these two locations we supply our products into a large variety of countries. And our journey goes on – every day we find new partners in new regions that share our vision of efficient logistics.

Driven by innovation

Many years of close cooperation with the people using our containers in their environment taught us the needs – that are as individual as the people using them. For 30 years we listened and used the input from the field in combination with our technical experience to bring a variety of novelties to the market. From concept to completion – KTP is able to offer this. Our own tool shop and our development department can create bespoke solutions to perfectly match the customers’ requirements. During the entire process you will be supported by our experts in the field and in the back office to make sure all your needs are met. Once the containers are delivered we are at your side to provide product training, give handling suggestions and support you in the establishment of a matching service and repair concept.
We deliver our products to the best – so we can’t be anything less. KTP is certified according to ISO 9001 since 2009. Based on this norm all the steps in our manufacturing process are constantly monitored and certified. In order to maintain the high quality standards we have consciously decided to have development, production and final inspection in one place. This means that we have full control over all steps of the process and can control all the products before shipping. One example of increased performance is the safety factor we apply to the stacking loads of our products – it is higher than the industry standard and needs to be at least 2!
For 30 years KTP has focused on the development and manufacturing of large foldable plastic containers. What was started with simple solutions made of wood and plastic has meanwhile turned into a rugged and economic solution for different industries all over Europe and the world. By listening to our customers we were able to continuously improve our products and provide unique solutions to the market like the “Smartfix” – the only real one piece solution in the market.
Being a leader in an industry comes with obligations! It is implicit that all our activities are driven by our environmental responsibilities. It is our responsibility to use resources thoughtfully and carefully and to always consider our environmental impact. One example is the fact that our products are made of recycled material – and this means 100%! KTP is certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 – yet another proof of our commitment.
The KTP principle means innovative products and full service solutions for our customers. When developing a product we always think about the people that will use them – a high level of functionality and ergonomic excellence is a must. Based on professional support and great products you will always get the best of us. Or – simply said – you become a beneficiary of the KTP principle!

Working at KTP

Mahatma Gahndi once said: „A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes“. We at KTP want to use our skills to improve logistical processes. Making transportation more sustainable and contributing to environmental improvement is a key driver of our combined team. Working with us challenges you – we force you to think and think different. KTP is constantly growing and we offer you to grow with us and develop yourself and new ideas or products. Become part of a big family – contact us and let us know about you.

Things to Know

KTP stand for

K = Keep it Simple

We like to keep things simple!

Open and direct communication amongst ourselves and with our customers, direct contact whenever and wherever possible – for KTP this means fast and easy handling of all processes. Whenever you need us – we will be there. So simply contact us- we will do everything to support you.

T = The green way

The material makes the difference

Sustainability is key for us – so all our products are made of 100% recycled material. We help to protect the environment by using plastic remains and turning them into long lasting foldable containers. And once the container needs to “retire”: simply send it back to us for re-grinding and we can feed it back into the manufacturing process.

P = Personality beats Perfection

We are seeking personalities!

As a team we are invincible. Therefore we are not seeking for the perfect employee but for the employee perfectly matching with KTP. You need to be driven by the same passion we all share at KTP: going the extra mile and just being that little bit better than the rest.


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Standort Bous

KTP Kunststoff Palettentechnik GmbH
Saarstraße 1
D-66359 Bous
T (+49) 6834 – 9210 – 0
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