Make sustainability a profit - for the environment and our company

KTP is aware of the responsibility we all have for our planet. The family owned business was started on the idea of recycling plastic waste and creating and manufacturing useful products. This is how it all started back in the 80s.

Environmental Responsibility

Today, almost 30 years later we got even better. We can manufacture our products fully of recycled material and once they have to be disposed we can take them back and regrind them for further use. Instead of adding virgin plastic material to the plastic island in the Pacific or to incredibly high volumes of landfill we can reuse plastic waste for innovative and durable products. Our experience and our developments help us to use this raw material for highly durable container systems. And we also set standards in testing in performance: did you know that from -20 to + 50 degrees our containers can take more than two times of the stacking load stated?

Our raw material

The secret is in the mix! Our containers are made of several different basic materials. Like a good cook we only accept the best. And so we constantly stipulate our suppliers for better and improved quality. Any material delivered to us is controlled and goes through various levels of inspections before it is entered into our machines to build the containers you know. And here is some more detail about the “ingredients”:

LD-PE (Low Density Polyethylene) and HD-PE (High Density Polyethylene)

Both materials are part of the polyolefin family consisting only of hydrogen and carbonate. Consequently the ecological balance of these materials is very good and depending on the use they provide an efficient energetic utilization.

We use high quality recycled LD-PE and HD-PE agglomerate and re-granulate for our containers. The mix allows for accurate control of the features of the finished goods. High resistance against acid, leach and other chemicals is another advantage of our products.

Eco Transport using smart container systems

Be green in your logistics

KTP container systems offer a smart solution: when emptied they can be folded and reduce the volume for your empty returns by up to 80%. Less transportation means less CO² which means reduced environmental impact. Our container enable you to reduce cost and also support the environment.

Our recycling process

All of our products can be 100% recycled. Once your container goes “out of service” simply return it to KTP. In several steps KTP can regrind and recondition the material to feed it back into the manufacturing process.


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