Career at KTP

International sales - with the heart in the right place

“I incredibly enjoy working in sales – I just like the contact with people. When I started at KTP, I asked myself: what do they do? Containers? Aha?! That was a bit abstract in the beginning. Today, I would say that I know our “boxes” pretty well.”

Susanne Kreutzer, Sales department

Susanne has been a member of the KTP sales team since 2012 and primarily looks after our customers abroad. These include Turkey, England, the USA or China, for example. She is also a real professional at our ERP system and has helped to set it up.

Especially in her free time Susanne proves that she has her heart in the right place. She is open-minded and outgoing – that’s what she says about herself. Therefore, it is no surprise that she volunteers for a non-profit organization that cares for the homeless.

Collected donations from KTP colleagues

Ingos kleine Kältehilfe – Hand in Hand e.V., is an initiative of people with a heart that has been providing financial support to the homeless with volunteers during cold weather since 2016. The help ranges from hot food, hot drinks and sandwiches to toiletries, soap, shower gel and much more.

Susanne is in her element here and also manages to animate her colleagues. As every year, she has been busy collecting donations for Ingos kleine Kältehilfe, both monetary and in-kind. Thanks to the active participation of the KTP team, quite a bit came together. Even the management, on behalf of the company, added to the donation amount.

Outgoing, articulate, curious and cosmopolitan, that’s Susanne – in her job and in her free time.
We are glad that Susanne works at KTP. It’s the personalities that make a company. It is the personalities that make a company.

PS: By the way, helping hands are always welcome at Ingo’s! “Support your local” has a different, if not more important meaning here. If you want to support Ingos kleine Kältehilfe, you will find all the important info in the link below.



Ingos kleine Kältehilfe e.V.
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