KTP SuperQuad

Wire Mesh Replacement

In this blog post, we compare the Super Quad, a foldable container system from KTP, with a standard steel wire mesh container in the Euro dimension. The wire mesh container is a rigid steel container used worldwide for the storage and transport of heavy loads up to 1000kg. The SuperQuad, on the other hand, is a lightweight, foldable plastic container that is particularly fast and easy to handle. Can this container be the perfect wire mesh replacement? We say YES!


SuperQuad vs. the Wire Mesh

FeaturesSuperQuadWire Mesh Box
Tare45 kgapprox. 86 kg
Payloadup to 500 kgapprox. 1000 kg
Advantagesfoldable: saves transportation costs of emptieshigh payload and stacking load
suitable for high rack warehousessuitable for high rack warehouses
compatible with wire mesh boxpooling container
intuitive, fast handling
no inlays neccessary
closed pallet deck
plastic walls and standard lid provide permanent protection against dirt and water
100% recyclable
low tare
Disadvantagespayload up to max. 500kgnot foldable
higher costs for return of empties
risk of repair costs of pooling containers
inlays necessary for most applications
no lid, open walls
packed goods are at risk of getting wet and dirty
risk of injuries during handling

The KTP SuperQuad container meets the modern demands of efficient large load carriers. The internal dimensions are nearly identical: SuperQuad (1195x795x780), steel wire mesh container (1200x800x800mm). Just like the wire mesh container, the SuperQuad can be used in a high-rack storage without floors. The great advantage of the SuperQuad container is its foldability and thereby the volume reduction in empty space. This saves our customers storage space and transport costs.

The steel wire mesh container runs by different companies as a pool container. This is often referred as a major advantage. At the same time, this means that these containers are not treated with the same care, which results in higher repair costs. In addition, there is a risk that steel wire mesh containers of inferior quality will enter the pool, leading to an increased risk of accidents.

The KTP SuperQuad container is increasingly used in the automotive industry as well as in many other industries as wire mesh replacement. A study showed that 85% of the parts to be packed weigh less than 250kg per 1,2m³, which minimizes the disadvantage of the SuperQuad in terms of load and load values.

The SuperQuad is the perfect alternative for the steel wire mesh container: it is foldable, easy to handle, has a low weight and is perfectly suited for block storage as well as for high-rack storage. With the steel-reinforced pallet, it can be easily stored on high shelves. With the SuperQuad, your goods are neatly packed and safely transported without any other interior linings. If you have been using box pallets and have used specially made inlays to transport your goods, this is not a problem either. The SuperQuad is not only an alternative to the box pallet, but also compatible with it. This means that you can continue to use your inlays as usual even after you have switched to the SuperQuad.

Have you become curious and would like to learn more about the SuperQuad? Give us a call, we are looking forward to hear from you.

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