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An exceptional container

144 888

Applications in the automotive industry

Development of a successful container standardization using the example of VW

“How do we package and transport our different production parts cleanly and safely?”

The VW Group approached KTP with this question. What began with a simple question, led to a very successful joint container development. The development of 114 888, 114 999, 114 777. . . . a container family, which is nowadays used millions of times in the VW Group and at approx. 5,000 suppliers.
A family of large load carriers that wrote a success story.

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VW wanted to find a clean alternative to the steel containers used so far. Furthermore, the number of different container types should be minimized. The VW Container Management also found that the steel boxes used were oversized in 80% of the cases. A new generation of containers had to be brought in.
This was the starting signal for the development of the 114 888.

Today – a few years later – we are proudly looking at an entire container family that originated from the idea of a new, clever container for VW. These containers are fully geared to VW’s logistical needs. You wonder what makes them so successful? And what makes the original so much better than the replicas?

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This question is easy to answer. KTP is an expert in the development and standardization of large load carriers. Through constant improvement of the 114 888, our lightweight GLT has become a high-end product. During the development, the desire for optimized handling was paramount. This led, for example, to the fact that you can hook the opened lid onto the sleeve and to a control opening in the lid for visual inspection of folded empties . Another important product feature of the 114 888 is the integrated base insert. With the integrated base insert, the packaged goods automatically secure the sleeve in its place. For this reason, KTP containers do not require any further locking.

114888, Kunststoffbehälter, Lagerbehälter, Transportbehälter

The foldable KTP plastic large load carriers are simply clever and have many advantages

  • Maximum volume reduction
  • Cost savings
  • Fast amortization
  • Ergonomic, quick handling
  • Hang-in lid
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Longevity
  • Sandwich folding
  • Safe empties unit
  • 100% recyclable

What means sandwich-folding?

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