Plastic replaces steel - now in large size - KTP Kunststoff Palettentechnik GmbH

Plastic replaces steel

now in large size

Large-volume parts can now be transported and stored more efficiently. We have extended our product range by a transport container with the dimensions 1800x1200x990 mm. The one-piece plastic container with our super-fast SmartFix® folding technique, combines large internal volume with easy handling and maximum volume reduction.


The transport container has already passed its first practical test. An automobile manufacturer was looking for an alternative to the rigid steel container he used up until now. KTP provided remedy.

The new KTP container can score with a larger usable inner volume for the same outer volume. In this case, twice as many parts per container can be transported and stored (see picture). The number of containers used could thus be drastically reduced. In addition, the foldability of the KTP container has enabled a further enormous saving of space and costs. The number of empty runs was reduced by almost 80%.

The employees are also enthusiastic about the simple, easy and quiet handling.


The new 1800×1200 dimension is a revolution in the field of packaging and transport solutions. The one-piece design of the SmartFix® allows quick and easy handling and prevents parts from being lost. There are no more walking distances to complete the container. Folding and stacking becomes a super safe affair. The handling of the durable lightweight GLT is very easy and intuitive. The smooth and closed surface of the container facilitates cleaning and reduces the risk of injury. The clever lid provides ideal protection against dust, dirt and moisture.