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Product description

System Classic

basic version

System Classic is your entry level solution! Great value and KTP performance at reasonable cost. The Classic system offers you a budget solution for most light weight parts with a payload up to 300kg. The return of the container Is made in the classic way (pallets, lids and sleeves stacked separate) providing you with a 1 : 5 return rate.

  • basic version
  • Volume reduction up to 1 : 5
  • 100% recycable
  • Steel reinforced pallet available as an option (for high rack storage)
  • Variable sleeve height (on request)
  • Storage of transport documents
  • Steal reinforced pallet
  • Loose base insert
  • Flap door (velcro)

Product features

Classic folding

  • One container remains set up; folded sleeves are stored inside
  • Stacking of containers: pallets, one set up container (sleeves inside), lids

Nestable pallets (reinforced by request)

  • Space-saving storage
  • Up to 60% volume reduction for storage and empty return
  • Steal reinforced pallet on request for 1200 x 800 container to use high rack storage

Attachable lid

  • Lid can be attached to sleeve
  • Saves space on the line
  • Ergonomic handling

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  • Measure (min)

    1200 x 800 mm

  • Measure (max)

    1200 x 1000 mm

  • Height


  • Payload (max)

    250 kg

  • Stacking load (max)

    1250 kg