System Export - KTP Kunststoff Palettentechnik GmbH

Product description

System Export

One way solution

The KTP solution for sea freight! This wood-free packaging requires no Sirex treatment. Can also be used as budget priced packaging for your storage needs.

  • Competitve export and one-way packaging
  • Replacement for wood & cardboard solutions
  • Closed system to secure goods
  • 100% recycable
  • Easy handling
  • Non spillable stacking

Product features

Smart lid

  • Attachable to sleeve
  • Safes space on the line
  • Protects goods against water and dirt


  • Measure (min)

    1130 x 725 mm

  • Measure (max)

    1450 x 1130 mm

  • Height


  • Payload (max)

    350 kg

  • Stacking load (max)

    1000 kg