AUDI develops supermarket 2.0

KTP is part of it AUDI develops supermarket 2.0 Our container „VW 114 888“ is so much more than just a grey box. It is part of Audi’s strategy to reach future goals. At the carmaker’s plant in Ingolstadt, our reusable containers are used to implement their new ‘goods-to-person’ principle called Supermarket 2.0. Automated guided […]

KTP AND BOS POLSKA – Process optimisation through clever individualisation

KTP AND BOS POLSKA Process optimisation through clever individualisation These containers not only look good – they deliver top performance during transport and on the line. There are millions our KTP System 2000 1200×1000 containers in use worldwide. The industrial-scale standard container is known for the reliable and safe transport of large-volume, lightweight parts. What […]

The difference between “Sandwich Folding” and “Classic Folding”

What does it actually mean… Sandwich folding and Classic folding? Foldable plastic large load carriers can save up to 80% of empty goods journeys, which leads to efficient and cost-optimized logistics. Folding, however, is not equal to folding. There are big differences here. KTP attaches great importance to ergonomic and efficient handling. For this reason, […]

Product Innovation: KTP CombiStack

Product Innovation The KTP CombiStack System 2000 1200×1000 CombiStack The S2000 Combi Stack from KTP offers your logistics a maximum of flexibility stackable to common FLCs Sandwich folding suitable for high rack storage, steel reinforcement skids two versions: standard three-part version and duo version (incl. return collar for returning of inner packaging) available with different […]