Container options

Tailor-made solutions

Our container systems can be adjusted to the respective customer requirements by means of a variety of equipment options. We will be pleased to advise you regarding selection and implementation.

Container options


ESD version

Electrostatic discharge – for electronic components We use a special plastic mixture for the pallet and lid as well as a special sleeve. The container shown is a KTP System 2000 with basic dimensions of 1200 x 1000 mm.

Version with skids

Suitable for automatic conveyor systems, e.g. roller conveyors. The container shown here, a KTP EuroStack 128, was also equipped with a second loading flap on the short side for the customer. The basic dimension is 1200 x 800 mm.


Container identification

Variable sleeve/collar height

Available for:

  • Full container sleeve
  • Return collar

Screen print

Available for:

  • Full container sleeve
  • Return collar

Coloured sticker

Available for:

  • Pallet
  • Lid

Sticker print

Only available for small quantities.

Coloured sleeves/collars

Available for:

  • Full container sleeve
  • Return collar


Choose between

  • Your own RFID solution
  • KTP RFID solution

Laser engraving

Available for:

  • Pallet

Closure systems

Loading hatch


Patented locking system – extremely low-wear, durable, easy to use

Sliding bolt

Proven locking system, easy handling


Inexpensive locking system, simple handling, easy to replace

Closure systems

Detachable front


This patented locking system enables a secure and extremely stable connection. The complete front of the container can be easily removed. Even when stacking the containers, the stability is fully maintained.


A smart solution when quick removal of the container front is required. The packaged goods can thus be removed optimally and ergonomically.

Detachable front / side wall

Sleeve profiles


Long side open, front panel overlapped


Short side open, front panel overlapped


Detachable long and short side in one piece

Intermediate layers

Save transport on multiple layers


Intermediate layers are useful for example when sensitive parts are not supposed to come into contact with each other or in case of particularly filigree and/or multi-part componentes.

Depending on the type and weight of the packaged goods, there are different possible solutions for integrating an intermediate layer.


The hinged hooks shown above are great for lightweight parts. They are quickly locked in place and also folded back in when the container is folded up after the packaged goods have been removed.

The extremely robust rail system is firmly riveted to the ring. This enables heavy goods to be transported safely.


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