Duo version

System 2000 und Quad as a two-sleeve concept

In the Duo version, the two systems are equipped with an additional sleeve, the return collar. This collar is directly connected to the pallet. Therefore, inside packaging can be accommodated safely and cleanly in the empty container with a reduced volume. All components are transported as one unit.

Easy handling

Available in various sizes

KTP containers in the Duo version are available in numerous size combinations. The sizes of our basic range are tailored to optimum megatrailer or sea container utilisation capacity. There are numerous possibilities thanks to variable sleeve heights and more container options.

You will find all available container dimensions as well as the associated load capacities in the size table.

All product benefits at a glance

Duo version

Variable sleeve heights

The height of the return collar and full container sleeve is variable and can be adjusted depending on the type and volume of the inside packaging. Loose packaging (e.g. HKP dividers) as well as packaging that is firmly connected to the container (such as e.g. integrated bags for steering wheels) can be returned one-to-one.

Inside packaging

Loosely inserted

After removing the packaged goods, the compound inlays are simply inserted together with the folded full container sleeve into the Duo reutrn collar. Thanks to the sandwich system folding, everything is safely stowed away in a space-saving manner.

Inside packaging

Firmly connected to the sleeve

The fabric pockets firmly connected to the sleeve can be conveniently pushed together by means of a rail system.

This way, the sleeve can be collapsed in a Z folding method after removing the packaged goods, and can be safely stowed away in a space saving manner.

Duo version

1:1 return of inner packaging

Real know-how in packaging

Good reasons for the KTP transport containers


Container design versions

The Duo version is available in System 2000 as well as System Quad. We find the right container for every application.

System Quad

Duo version

Container options

Our container systems can be adjusted to the respective customer requirements by means of a variety of equipment options. We will be pleased to advise you regarding selection and implementation.


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