Green Logistics

KTP thinks green

Sustainability. We at KTP have lived and worked according to this guiding principle for over 30 years. As early as the late 1980s, we recognized the need and potential of recycling and its added value for the environment and industry. It all started with the idea of ​​sensibly recycling plastic waste from industry.

Thumbs up for the environment

More sustainability out of love for the environment

Today, in an age of imminent scarcity of raw materials, we are pursuing our idea of ​​environmentally friendly and sustainable logistics more intensively than ever. Whether in the KTP team or in cooperation with our customers – we are constantly working to make the world of logistics a little greener. To this end, we set ourselves new goals and projects every year!

Internally, this is done through improved energy and environmental management. This includes e.g. a switch to fully electric forklifts in our production, as well as an optimization of the routes.

At our location in Lisdorf, a surrounding water rig equalises the proportion of soil sealed by the hall construction. In this way, precious rainwater does not get into the sewer but becomes valuable groundwater. The roof of our production halls was equipped with a photovoltaic system. Electricity for the entire site is produced here on almost 3800 m2. Our company headquarters in Bous heats with waste heat from the nearby steel mill. The KTP fleet will also be gradually converted to plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles. There are several charging stations at each location so that you can always stay mobile.

The KTP Recycling Process

Competence in all areas

All of our raw materials and finished products are 100% recyclable. If a container has reached the end of its product life cycle, there is a chance that it will be returned to us. These returns are shredded and processed internally in several steps so that they can finally flow back into the production cycle for the manufacture of our containers. In this way, we sustainably conserve finite resources and reduce waste disposal costs. By being able to fully recycle our products, we pass these benefits on to our customers.

Reduce costs, protect the environment

Thinking green pays off

With our transport containers, we optimise logistics processes of all kinds for our customers and not only save transport and storage costs, but also help you to achieve a more positive ecological balance and corporate social responsibility. With the help of our clever transport containers, together with our customers, we contribute to an improved ecological balance in global logistics.

The perfectly coordinated standard sizes of our transport containers ensure ideal storage optimisation and utilisation in mega trailers and sea containers. Thanks to the practical sandwich fold, we also achieve a maximum return rate of 1:5 for empties compared to standard containers.


This corresponds to an 80% saving in return truck transport, which means that 80% less CO2 is emitted and less fine dust is produced. Accordingly, we create added value for the environment and also reduce the transport costs incurred by our customers.

100% coverage of own energy requirements thanks to photovoltaics – the KTP Lisdorf site produces its own electricity.