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Packaging Standardisation

The term ‘standardisation’ is often thought of as a monotonous process or a product tailored to the general public. However, in relation to trade, industrial production or the service sector, standardisation represents an optimisation of tools, systems or processes that is indispensable today. Whether in management, in production, in sales or in logistics, standardised processes can be used almost anywhere and are largely responsible for the long-term success of a company.

Optimisation through simplification

Standardization – what does that mean?

In simple terms, standardisation means to reduce all inbound and outbound logistics to a minimum amount of modular container system solutions . The packaging dimensions and variety of packaging (wood, cardboard, steel and plastic) are to be reduced in order to achieve simplified and at the same time optimised logistics and thereby to reduce costs.

The standardisation of containers and large load carriers is associated with great advantages for companies. We at KTP have made a name for ourselves as pioneers in the field of cost reduction through container standardisation. Millions of our container systems are in use worldwide and help large OEMs in a wide variety of industries to optimise their logistics processes. The most well known container is the standard container 114 888 in the automotive industry with the dimensions 1200x1000x990 mm.

All product benefits at a glance

Optimizing logistical processes

Reducing costs

Standard dimensions guarantee ideal capacity utilization in trucks or sea containers. In addition, the foldability of the containers in the “sandwich system” achieves a volume reduction of up to 80% in storage and during transport. That saves space and thereby transport and storage costs. Visually, the factory and warehouse are enhanced by order and cleanliness. Industry 4.0 applications such as automated conveyor technology, robot handling or RFID recognition are no problem for KTP containers.

That's how it works

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You want to reduce the number of your different container types and thus simplify your logistics?

No problem, we are experts in defining container standards for companies and look forward to supporting you in your process.
We analyse the internal and external container situation in your company and, based on this, advise you on the selection of the appropriate container types. In the course of an economic analysis, we then discuss the long-term advantages of container standardisation for your company.

We accompany you throughout the whole process, from your requirements to the recycling of the container at the end of the product lifecycle:

  • Comparison of containers and customer requirements
  • Profitability calculation, determination of the ROI
  • Development, production and sales of the containers from a single source
  • Implementation support through handling training and training videos
  • In-house support for repairs
  • Recycling at the end of the product life cycle


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