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Casestudy #12 – From a metal attachment frame to the KTP SuperQuad SmartFix®


*By switching to KTP SuperQuad SmartFix® containers, the acquisition costs were reduced by 30% compared to the previous packaging solution.

Spelsberg is a market-leading family business in the electrical industry with 119 years of experience in the areas of electrical installation and housing technology.
According to a survey among craft businesses, 90% of all processors know and use Spelsberg products and are satisfied with them. The company is active worldwide with its own subsidiaries and sales partners, consistently manufactures in Germany and employs a total of around 600 people at its locations and subsidiaries.

The traditional German company’s range currently includes well over 5,000 items that are widely available, including junction boxes, small distributors, terminal blocks, meter and industrial housings.

Source: Spelsberg Website



Customer ideas and KTP solution.

Carsten Kneuper, Logistics Manager at Spelsberg, explains the initial situation.

At Spelsberg we produce plastic parts from the area of electrical installation and housing technology, primarily housings and covers with sensitive surfaces. These must be handled carefully and with the utmost care.

Previously, these parts were packaged using a combination consisting of a metal attachment frame and a Euro pallet (without a lid). However, these frames are not exactly light and the lack of a lid makes it difficult to protect the delicate contents from dust and dirt.

We therefore wanted to switch to packaging that would make our work easier and represent a sustainable, reusable system.


New packaging solution for Günther Spelsberg GmbH + Co. KG – The KTP standard container “SuperQuad SmartFix®” was supplemented by two additional loading flaps on the short sides and received the typical Spelsberg corporate design. Here you can see the reduction in volume in the empties.



“As the new logistics manager at Spelsberg, I already knew KTP from previous employers in the automotive supplier sector. We initially tested systems from different providers – but KTP was particularly positive in terms of handling. All the others were just too complicated and cumbersome.”

Carsten Kneuper, Logistics Manager

The easy handling of the containers compared to the metal attachment frame was rated very positively by the employees. In addition, all containers now have a lid, which better protects our products in the warehouse from environmental influences. Thanks to the three loading flaps, the packed items can be easily reached on all levels. And no container parts can be lost – everything is firmly connected to one another. There is another big advantage when storing empties. Due to the foldability of the KTP containers, significantly less space is required and this also reduces the load on the staging areas.



Handling and dealing with the new containers is significantly easier than with the previous packaging solution.

By adopting our corporate design, everything in the warehouse looks uniform. In addition, we have a price advantage of around 30% compared to the old system!

The collaboration with KTP was very open. Sales made excellent project execution possible.

The uncomplicated, quick exchange and ideas that were then developed and implemented together – that went really well.

“We will definitely implement more projects with KTP in the future.

This container should become the new standard for Spelsberg.”

Carsten Kneuper, Logistics Manager


Reduction of

acquisition costs

by 30%


More safety

for packaged good

and employees


Easy and



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