The all-round protective shield for sensitive goods

Based on our many years of experience, we have developed a special Duo container version – the INFINITY return collar. This collar offers greater security and resistance.

The hard and at the same time extremely flexible solid material is characterised by very high stability. Sensitive transport goods can thus be protected even more effectively against mechanical influences, such as being pierced by forklift tines.


  • Puncture-resistant solid material
  • Extremely durable
  • High mechanical stability

The INFINITY return collar flexes back without sustaining damage in the process. The tines of the forklift have no chance.

Sensitive parts such as car headlights are now protected even better against damage thanks to the INFINITY collar.


In the Duo version, the two KTP container systems are equipped with an additional sleeve, the return collar. This collar is directly connected to the pallet. Therefore, inside packaging can be accommodated safely and cleanly in the empty container with a reduced volume. All components are transported as one unit.

KTP containers in the Duo version are available in numerous size combinations. The height of the return collar and full container sleeve is variable and can be adjusted depending on the type and volume of the inside packaging.

Not only packaging that is firmly connected to the container such as integrated bags for car steering wheels, but also loose inlays such as HKP dividers can thus be returned one-to-one.

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