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The advantages of our solutions

Cost reduction

Economic and efficient

78 container full
Our smart plastic container systems are foldable and safe you storage and transportation cost. The saving potential is significant and can easily be evaluated on a case by case calculation. The “Sandwich” fold and the “Classic” fold offer a volume reduction of up to 80%!
364 container empty
  • Safes up to 80% of transportation cost
  • Optimized usage of Megatrailer and Seafreight container
  • High rotation numbers
  • Reduced trasnportation and storage cost
  • Outdoor storage possible

Packaging Solutions for Transport

Foldable returnable packaging and carrier systems

System 2000 Standard

max. Volumenreduktion

Super Quad


System 2000 SmartFix

faltbar in 4 Sekunden

System Classic


Super Quad SmartFix

einteiliger Gitterboxersatz

System 2000 Duo

Volumenreduktion mit Inlays

System Classic


System Export

Die Einweg-Lösung

Trägersystem 2000

Der verrutschsichere Transport von Ladungsträgern

Trägersystem Quad

Der verrutschsichere Transport von Ladungsträgern

Development of complete solutions

Customized storage

The volume reduction of the KTP container helps to significantly reduce storage and transportation cost. Cost savings are immediate and can easily be calculated cases specific. The space saving concepts allow the use of our container even directly on the line.

Container Standardisation

to improve your logistics

Your logistics require a container suitable for a conveyer system? No problem! We can offer you both standard and customized systems to support all your requirements.

We work with you to develop the perfect solution for your individual requirements – try us!

„Sandwich“ - folding

fast – efficient - ergonomic

  • Build up and folded in seconds
  • No manual locks necessary
  • Minimized risk to loose components
  • Intuitive user-friendly handling
  • All System 2000 and System Quad container

„Clean“ Packaging

Think green today

Green production

KTP foldable plastic container are made of high quality recycled material. Save the environment!

Green transportation

Optimized dimensions guarantee perfect truck and container utilization. Simply effective!


At the end of their product life cycle the container can be returned into KTP’s resource cycle.


Container for the world

KTP is one of the leading manufacturer of large foldable plastic container. For 30 years the family owned business has provided innovative solutions to an ever changing environment and has brought many innovations to the logistical supply chain. Driven by our partner’s requirements we offer efficient solutions and continue to constantly work on innovation and improvement.